Bluechip User Guide
Invoicing for Pathology

Before you Begin

Ensure you have;

o      Indicated that the practitioner offers pathology services. This is done by ticking the Pathology Services check box within the Service Types section of General Practitioner Options.

o      Ensure that the patient has their DVA number recorded within the Patient Details window of their record.

o      Optionally, you have recorded customised Service Text Explanations.

When recording service items for a pathology invoice, you can record Service Text associated with each Service Item you wish to bill. Additionally, you can record a brief explanation to support each Service Text entry. Customised service text explanations can be recorded whenever you create a new invoice. However, it may be more convenient for you to pre-record any frequently-used explanations into a list that you can easily access later, saving you having to manually type the explanation text every time. Customised explanation text can be recorded in advance via the Billing and Fees tab of Bluechip's Practice Options.

o      Ensure you are familiar with the basic process for creating an invoice.

Creating an Invoice for Pathology Services

1.      Within the new invoice, select Pathology from the Service Type drop-down list.


2.      For each Service Item you add, you can indicate Service Text. To add a Service Text entry, click within the Service Text field and then either;

o      Click the button, or

o      Press SPACE + ENTER

The Service Text window appears.


3.      Select an Explanation from the associated drop-down list. Note that this list is initially empty unless you have pre-recorded any explanation text defaults. You can add new Explanation items to this list;

o      By free-typing into the Explanation field (max 50 characters), and then clicking  or

o      Beforehand, via the Billing and Fees tab of Bluechip's Practice Options. See Service Details (Managing) for more information.


4.      (optional) Record the time the service was performed into the Time of Service text box. This field accepts the Windows time format of HH:mm. For example, to record 2:30 p.m. enter the 24-hour format of 14:30.

5.      Record pathology details;

o      The SCPID (Specimen Collection Point ID) is required.

o      Indicate whether the Service Item is either Rule 3 Exempt or S4B3 Exempt by ticking one of the associated check boxes.

       If you select 'Rule 3 Except', recording of the Time of Service becomes mandatory.

       If you select 'S4B3 Exempt', recording of a Collection Date and Accession Date becomes mandatory.


6.      Click to continue. You are returned to the invoice window.


7.      Complete the remainder of the invoice as desired, taking into consideration the following:

o      (optional) Indicate the distance travelled (in km).

o      Indicate either;

       The Requesting Provider and Request Issue Date, or

       That the request was self-deemed, by ticking the associated check box (available only if you have not selected a requesting provider/requested date).


8.      When you are ready to issue the invoice, click the Issue button. See Creating Invoices for more information.