Bluechip User Guide
Integrated EFTPOS - About and Usage

While you have been able to record EFTPOS transactions in Bluechip for some time, from Bluechip 2.5 – with the introduction of MedicalDirector's Integrated EFTPOS facility – you can process EFTPOS transactions seamlessly. Bluechip's Integrated EFTPOS facility is known as EFTPOS Auto, whereas non-Integrated EFTPOS is now referred to as EFTPOS Manual.

The key benefit of the Integrated EFTPOS solution is that transaction information is sent directly from Bluechip to the EFTPOS Device without the need to re-key, resulting in faster processing of payments. The integrated solution minimises data entry errors.

Please note that in order to take advantage of the new Integrated EFTPOS facility, you will need to obtain an EFTPOS Device from Tyro. The minimum Tyro Production software version compatible with Integrated EFTPOS is 07.01.09. The version information for your installed Tyro software can be accessed from the Device via Menu > Merchant Info.

Please contact Tyro Payment Solution Sales, on (02) 8907 1780, to enquire about obtaining a Tyro EFTPOS Device.

Changes to Workflows

Processing of the EFTPOS Auto transaction starts when is pressed. This sends the Merchant ID of the selected bank account, along with the payment amount, to the EFTPOS Auto Device.

A screen is displayed within Bluechip which prompts you with each step through the EFTPOS transaction, so that you can ask the patient to: insert their card; enter their PIN; and so forth.

Once the payment transaction has completed successfully, you are able to save or save and print the receipt as normal.