Bluechip User Guide
Importing Word Processing Templates

Bluechip comes supplied with a variety of Word Processing templates, and you can create new ones. However, you may have an existing Word document that you would like to import and use as a template in Bluechip. Note that in order to slow the rate of expansion of customers' databases, a limit of 50KB has been placed on the size of imported Word Processing Templates.

1.      Ensure you have first saved your existing Word document in Rich Text format. Rich Text documents have a file name extension of .rtf

2.      Select Setup > Templates > WP. The WP Template Setup window appears.


3.      Click  The New Patient Template window appears.


4.      Click  The Windows Open window appears.

5.      Locate and double-click the WP Template you wish to import. You are returned to the New Patient Template window. The name of the template you selected is shown in the Template Name field. Use this opportunity to check that you have selected the correct template to import.

6.      (Optional) Enter a Default Title for the WP template. The example shown below includes the use of Field Codes.


7.      Click to confirm your settings. The New Patient Template window closes, and your imported WP template is now ready for use.