Bluechip User Guide
Health Fund Billing Options

It is possible to send your No Gap Health Fund invoices in batches to the various health funds that you deal with. This is only recommended, however, if you have a small number of account classes, because having more than 12 classes can slow the speed with which invoices and receipts are printed out, for all classes of patient. If this limitation means that you will not be able to successfully implement batched Health Fund billing, follow this link and explore the alternatives: Alternative methods for Health Fund billing.

A class in Bluechip determines the fee level that will be applied to invoices, and the addressee for its accounts, among other things. It also determines the details that can be recorded in account details, such as Health Fund, Health Fund No, Card Holder, etc.

In order for a class to be batched, every patient with an account of that class must have their debts paid by the same person/company.

If you intend to batch Health Fund invoices, then you will need to have a separate class for each health fund that you intend to batch to, and a separate batch type for each health fund. Note that it will not be possible to batch invoices to AHSA health funds, unless there are only one or two that you deal with.

As an example, you may have the following classes:


Addressee (Payer)


Fee Level


Number Fields

Date Fields

Other Fields

Note that AHSA is marked as a non-batching class. This is because you will most likely have patients who are members of many AHSA-Member Health Funds. It is still worth having AHSA as a class, though, because you are able to input the AHSA fee schedule, and have the correct fee appear automatically for your AHSA invoices.

If you would like to implement batched Health Fund billing in your Bluechip system, contact the MedicalDirector Customer Care for assistance.