Bluechip User Guide
Finding Free Appointment Slots

When recording a new appointment or rescheduling an existing appointment, it may be necessary for you to determine where there is an available appointment slot. The Find Free Appointment Slot module is a convenient way for you to find free appointment slots quickly and easily.

The following image shows the Find Free Appointment Slot module. Instructions for how to use this module follow.

o      The upper-left section of this window is where you enter the criteria for searching for free appointment slots for a given practitioner.

o      The lower-left section displays the search results.

o      The right-hand section displays a more-detailed view of any selected slot in the search results.


1.      Within the Appointment Book, locate and click  The Find Free Appointment Slot window appears (as shown above).

2.      If necessary, select the Practitioner for whom you wish to search for free appointment slots, via the Practitioner drop-down list.

3.      Select the appointment type from the Preference drop-down list. Only the types of appointments you have setup for the selected Practitioner will appear in the list.

4.      If necessary, specify the length of appointment slots you wish to search for. The default slot length for the selected Practitioner will appear automatically.

5.      Enter the start date for the search (the current date is displayed by default) or click the calendar icon next to the Start Date field and select a date.

6.      Click to commence the search. The search may take a moment. After the search has completed, the first twelve free slots will be displayed in the Search Results section. If these slots are unsuitable, click to display the next twelve free slots.

7.      Locate and double-click on an appropriate free slot from the Search results grid. You will be prompted to enter details for the appointment.


8.      Modify the date for the appointment in the Date field, via one of the following methods:

o      Manually enter a date.

o      Select a date from the calendar by click the associated button.


9.      Modify the appointment time in the Time field or use the clock icon to select an appropriate time.

10.   (Optional) Modify the priority for the booking. This is necessary only if there is a double-booking.

11.   (Optional) Modify any relevant comments in the Comments field.

12.   Click to save the modified appointment. You are returned to the Appointment Book window, where the updated appointment details are now available.