Bluechip User Guide
Employers (Adding and Editing)

1.      Ensure you have already created a Company Group to add this Employer to.

2.      From the Bluechip main window, either:

o      Click Folder Icon

o      Press Ctrl + O

o      Select File > Open


3.      The Open window appears.


4.      From the List drop-down list, select Employers. From here you can search for and select an existing employer record, and then view/edit the record by clicking

To create a new record, continue to Step 5.

5.      Click  The New Company window appears. As an employer is considered a subset of 'Companies', this is the same window used for creating new Companies.


6.      Enter details as appropriate.

7.      Click to confirm. The new record is added to the list of Companies and you are presented with the Company Details window.

From here you can also manage the employer's Representatives.