Bluechip User Guide
Editing Classes (Payment Options)

1.      Select the class to modify and then select the Payment Options tab.


2.      Make modifications as necessary from the following options:

o      Select a batch type to associate with the account class.

o      Select an addressee to associate with the account class.

o      If you want the ability to issue patients with a discount, for each payer type indicate the Discount Period in the section provided. Without a specified period recorded here, the Discount check box will not be available when issuing an invoice. Note that you can always mark a discount on a receipt, though.

o      Set the cost scaling increment for multiple procedures. For no cost scaling, select N/A from the Scale Items By drop-down list. Alternatively you can select from pre-defined scaling increments, or define your own by selecting the 'Other' option.

o      If you have chosen a scaling adjustment for multiple procedure scaling, you can also indicate how you want to order scaled items in the Multiple Procedure Scaling window. By default, items in this window will be ordered by fee, as shown in the first image below. In the second image, we have elected to sort items by MBS Rate. Note also, that the MBS Fee column is visible.


o      Select a rounding-up option from the Round to Nearest drop-down list. For example, the image above indicates that fees will be rounded-up to the nearest 5 cents.

o      Indicate whether you wish new accounts based on this class to have an association with a Health Fund Membership, by enabling the associated check box. If this check box is disabled for a given class, new accounts created that are based on this class can not be associated with a Health Fund Membership. If you choose to enable this option, you may also then select a default Company Group to use as the Health Fund lookup.

o      Indicate whether you wish to show the Gap on invoices, via the associated check box.

o      Indicate whether you wish to be prompted to indicate a location, when an invoice is created on behalf of a practitioner who is registered to practice at multiple locations. This option gives you the ability to track the spread of business over multiple locations.

o      Indicate whether you wish to use the default GST amount for invoices based on this class, via the associated check box.

o      Indicate whether you wish to allow the scaling of invoicing for multiple patients.

o      Indicate whether you want this class to default to a selected set of In Hospital Services, by enabling the associated check box, and then selecting the hospital of choice via the button.


3.      Click to save your settings and close the Class Setup window.