Bluechip User Guide
Editing Classes (General Settings)

1.      Select the class to modify and then select the General tab.


2.      Make modifications as necessary from the following options:

o      The name and abbreviated name of the Class.

o      The account contacts available to the account details of patients with this class of account. For each Account Contact, enter a name for the contact, and then select which type of Account Group this contact belongs to using the associated drop-down list. It is recommended that you check the corresponding details of similar classes, and use the same account contact fields for your new class.

For example, if for a given class you have selected Health Fund as Account Contact 2 and you create a new class which will also have a Health Fund Account Contact, it should also be entered as Account Contact 2.


o      In the two 'Number fields' text boxes, enter any number types you would like to be able to record in account details e.g. Pension No, Ref No, Health Fund No, and so forth. If you are recording Health Fund numbers, but not Pension numbers for your new class, you must use the second Number field for the Health Fund number (in your new class) and leave the first Number field blank.

o      In the 'Date fields' text boxes. enter any date field types you would like to be able to record in account details e.g. Injury Date, Expiry Date.

o      In the 'Text field' text box, enter a general text message if desired.

It is recommended that you decide on a standard format for abbreviations that you are going to use in these fields. If you are going to enter 'Pension No' in a Number field, then you should check to see how 'No' has been entered in the Number fields of other classes and modify your spelling and grammar accordingly.

If all other instances are entered as 'No', then enter yours as 'No'. If other instances are entered as 'No.', 'no', or 'no.', then enter yours the same way. This sort of standardisation makes editing letterhead and labels templates much easier for you.


3.      Click to save your settings and close the Class Setup window.