Bluechip User Guide
Editing Appointments

1.      Ensure you have elected to access to the Outlook® Style Appointment Book, via Practice Explorer Preferences.

2.      From the Bluechip main window, click at the bottom-right.

3.      Within the Practice Explorer Margin Menu, select the Appointment Book. The Appointment Book window appears.

You can apply a few quick edits to an appointment from this screen, including:

o      Moving the appointment by selecting it and dragging it to another time slot and/or practitioner.


o      Increase/Decrease the length of the appointment, by selecting and dragging the upper/lower edge of the appointment.



4.      For more-detailed edits, locate the appointment you wish to reschedule, and then either

o      Double-click the appointment, or

o      Right-click the appointment and select Edit Appointment from the menu that appears.


The Reschedule Appointment window appears.



5.      (Optional) To change the Patient, Practitioner or Type of appointment, click now. This will take you back to the first screen of the Appointment Wizard where you can then modify those settings.

6.      Modify the appointment date in the Date field, via one of the following methods:

o      Manually enter a date.

o      Select a date from the calendar by clicking the calendar button.


o      Find a free slot in the appointment book for the selected Practitioner by clicking

o      Find a free slot in the appointment book for other Practitioners by clicking



7.      Modify the appointment time in the Time field or use the clock button  to select an appropriate time.

8.      (Optional) Modify the priority for the booking. This is necessary only if there is a double-booking.

9.      (Optional) Modify any relevant comments in the Comments field.

10.   Click to save the modified appointment. You are returned to the Appointment Book window, where the updated appointment details are now available.