Bluechip User Guide
Patient Delete Wizard

There are two ways in which to delete patient records from Bluechip:

o      Individually, via the patient's record, and

o      In bulk, via the Patient Delete Wizard, as explained following.

It is important to note that patients with historical data recorded in Bluechip cannot be deleted via either method. However, they can be flagged as inactive.

Note also that in order to run the Patient Delete Wizard, a user must have permission to Activate/Inactivate patients, as specified via the Permissions settings in BC Secure.

To Run the Patient Delete Wizard

1.      From within Bluechip select BC Tools > Utilities > Delete Patient Records Wizard. You will be prompted that Bluechip must close before the Wizard can commence.

2.      The Bluechip Patient Delete Wizard 'Welcome' screen appears.

It is recommended that you perform a backup before proceeding. A link to the Backup utility is provided on this screen.


3.      Click when you are ready to continue. Step 1 of the Wizard appears.

4.      Via the Site drop-down menu, select the Bluechip database from which you wish to delete patient records. Enter your Username and Password for the database.


5.      Click to continue. Step 2 of the Wizard appears. Tick the check box for each record you wish to delete.

6.      Click to proceed with deleting the selected records. You can observe the deletion process, and will be notified upon its completion, as indicated following.


7.      Click to exit the Wizard.