Bluechip User Guide
Daily Messages

A daily message is a reminder or note that appears at the bottom-right of the Appointment Book window. A new message can be created for each day, and is created on a per-practitioner basis.

To Create a Daily Message

1.      Ensure you have permission to edit the daily message.

2.      Ensure you have opened the Appointment Book.

3.      Within the Appointment Book, select the practitioner for whom you wish to create a daily message.


4.      Locate the Daily Message section at the right of the Appointment Book, and click the Message header link. The Edit Daily Message for (date) window appears.


5.      Enter your message and then click  Your message appears in the Daily Message box, and an icon is displayed beside the Daily Message header to indicate a message exits. Note that this icon appears only when viewing the appointment book for multiple practitioners.