Bluechip User Guide
Checklist for Installing Medicare Online

Planning in advance is recommended as it will take approximately three weeks for processing of applications.

1.      Your practice has an internet connection (broadband or dial up).

2.      You meet your MedicalDirector Practice Management system hardware requirements.


3.      You will need to apply and receive from HeSA (Health eSignature Authority Pty Limited) the necessary PKI Certificates and associated Personal Identification codes.

When applying you have two secure (digital signing) options for your practice. Your MedicalDirector Practice Management system supports both these options:

o      Location Certificate and Individual Certificates for each Practitioner, or

4.      Location Certificate Only



Please ensure that each Practitioner has enrolled for Medicare Online. Enrollment forms are available by contacting Medicare on 1800 700 199. The Medicare Online Agreement MUST be signed and sent together with the Banking and Practice Detail forms (to be printed off from the above web site) to HeSA.