Bluechip User Guide
Billing for Radiation Oncology Services

Bluechip allows you to configure its online billing functions specifically for Radiation Oncology services. First, you need to set up Batch Types, Classes, Equipment Details and Accounts so that you can start billing for Radiation Oncology Services.

Once this is setup in Bluechip, you can then do the following if it is related to Bulk Billing or Patient Claiming for Radiation Oncology Services:

o      Create Estimates – both the screen and printout will include a Quantity column. Use the Quantity column to enter the Field Quantity

o      Create Invoices – the screen will include both a Quantity column (for Field Quantity) and Medicare Equipment ID column. If it is a Patient Claim, the Invoice Printout will also show both the Field Quantity and Medicare Equipment ID.

o      Submit an Online Claim – both the Field Quantity and Medicare Equipment ID will be transmitted as separate data items within the claim to Medicare Online (for non-DVA claims only)