Bluechip User Guide
Banking and EFTPOS

It is recommended that the Practice settle its Banking transactions on a regular basis irrespective of whether the Deposit Slips are used. Daily Settlements provide users with a foolproof process of ensuring that correct reconciliations are maintained. It is further recommended that daily takings are reconciled against your Day Sheet to ensure that your banking transactions are correct.

Settling your Bluechip banking on a regular basis will help prevent small errors escalating into big errors at a later time.

Your EFTPOS machine [whether tyro (EFTPOS Auto) or bank (EFTPOS Manual) based] will provide a daily tally of transactions processed. It is far easier for a Practice to reconcile on a daily basis when multiple staff are involved in the data entry, than to wait until the end of the week. The printing of settlement slips within Bluechip is not necessary, however it is important and recommended that you settle the EFTPOS section of Bluechip banking.