Bluechip User Guide
Banking History Report


Provides a listing of finalised banking slips and banking slip receipts for a bank account over a given period.

1.      Either:

o      Click

o      Press Ctrl + P

o      Select Reports > Print


2.      The Print Report window appears.


3.      Select the Banking History Report from the list of reports and click  The Print Banking History Report window appears.


4.      Indicate the entry date range.

5.      Specify a Bank Account.

6.      Specify the Banking Slip Type.

7.      You can view the banking history report which lists finalised bank slips and banking slip receipts.

o      Select the report detail as ‘Summary‘ to view a summary of the banking history report.

o      Select the report detail as ‘Detail‘ to view a detailed banking history report.



8.      Sort the printed data by Banking Date or by Banking Slip Type. If you choose the latter option, banking by 'cheque' will appears first on the report, followed by 'cash'.


9.      Click when you are ready to proceed with selecting a printer, printer settings, and printing the report.