Bluechip User Guide
Bank Transfers Window

Bank account transfer information is managed via this window.

The upper section displays any transfers that have already been made, detailing the date, time, account, user etc. System transfers are highlighted in pink and the user transfers are highlighted in green. The lower section of the Bank Transfers window displays the amount that one Practitioner owes another, and therefore what must be transferred between them..

Items of interest on this window

All radio button

Displays all user transfers.

System Transfers option button

Displays System Transfers user only (highlighted in pink).

User Transfers option button

Displays User Transfers only (highlighted in green).

Rec. File No.

Displays the Receipt File number of the receipt, for system transfers only.


Displays the user who made the transfer.

User transfers required to balance accounts

Displays information of transfers required. For example one Practitioner needs to transfer an amount of money from their account to another Practitioner account.

Allows you to add a user transfer.