Bluechip User Guide
What are Bank Transfers?

Bank Transfers are used where there are multiple Practitioners, each holding their own bank accounts. When payments are received, each payment is receipted to the appropriate Practitioner's account.

An example where Bank Transfers would be used is when an Insurance Company, Solicitor or Health Fund has not made separate payments to each client's individual Practitioner. One Practitioner may receive a payment for their own patient as well as the patient of another Practitioner within the same practice.

The Bank Transfer facility allows you to enter the receipt, once, in either Practitioner's bank account. The Bank Transfers window also allows you to keep track of user transfers required to balance accounts, external to Bluechip.

It is only possible to enter split receipts such as those described above, or to use the Bank Transfers facility, if you have the appropriate permission level in Bluechip Secure. For more information contact MedicalDirector Customer Care.

Another example may be a patient visits two different Practitioners within the same practice and makes a full payment to one Practitioner for both visits.