Bluechip User Guide
Bank Accounts

To Manage Bank Accounts:

1.      Open and log in to BC Secure.

2.      In BC Secure, select the Practitioners menu item, as seen below.

Bank Accounts are accessed via the button in the Bank Account text box to the right-hand side of this window. Note that this button will only be available to a practitioner who has a room recorded for them. Therefore you must select such a practitioner before you can modify their bank account details.


3.      Click in the Bank Account text box. The Bank Accounts window appears.

Note that from this window you can Add, Edit or Deactivate Bank Accounts. If a Bank Account is deactivated it will no longer be available to other sections of Bluechip, apart from in historical data. The button is a toggle that deactivates/reactivates selected Bank Accounts. Throughout Bluechip, where an inactive practitioner, location, or bank account appears, it is clearly identified in italics, and either (D) or (Deactivated) will be appended to its name.


4.      Either click to create a new Bank Account, or select an Bank Account entry and click to edit an existing account. The Bank Account Details window appears.


5.      Enter details as necessary:

o      Differentiate this account from others by entering an Account Name, Branch, BSB, and Account No.

o      Select a Bank from the drop-down menu provided. If you wish to add a new bank, do so via Bluechip - if you free-type a new bank here via BC Secure, it will not be available throughout Bluechip.

o      Enter a Merchant ID (via the Merchant Details tab) if you intend to use EFTPOS Auto.


6.      Click to confirm your information and close the Bank Account Details window.