Bluechip User Guide
Associated Items - Billing For

Bluechip provides a facility for you to invoice a Service Item where the fee applied is a percentage of other Service Item fees (either invoiced and/or non-invoiced) i.e. the Service Item (and its fee) is based on one or more associated Service Items.

Before You Begin

Before you can invoice for an Associated Item, you must first ensure that the Service Item in question has been flagged as an Associated Item.

1.      Select Setup > Lists > Service Items. The Service Items Lists window appears.


2.      Select the list you wish to edit a Service Item for, and click  The Service Items window appears.


3.      Locate and select the Service Item you wish to edit. This will be the Item you wish to flag as having an 'Associated' Fee. With the Item selected, click  The Edit Derived Fee Details window appears.


4.      Via the Derived Fee Type drop-down list, select Associated Item. Click to confirm.

Invoicing an Associated Item

1.      Create the invoice as normal. When adding service items, add the Associated Item last. Upon adding the Associated Item to your invoice, the Associated Item window appears.


2.      Within the Item Options section, indicate whether you wish to charge either;

o      A Percentage of Fees, or

o      A Fixed Fee

If you elect to charge a Fixed Fee, select the Fixed Fee option, enter the value of the fixed fee, and then click to confirm and return to the invoice window. However, if you elect to charge a Percentage of Fees, select the Percentage of Fees option, after which you must also indicate either (or both) of the following;

       Via the Invoiced Items section, select the invoiced items you wish to base your percentage calculation on.

       Via the Non Invoiced Items section, insert any Service Items you wish to base your percentage calculation on.


3.      Within the Percentage Rate text box, enter the percentage you wish to charge. This field accepts numerical values, and it is not necessary to include the % symbol.

4.      Click to confirm your selections. You are returned to the New Invoice window, where your Associated Service Item now appears.