Bluechip User Guide
Appointment Settings

The Appointment Settings tab of the Practitioner Setup window allows you to modify the following settings, per practitioner:

o      The default Appointment Slot Size (Appointment Duration). You can always modify an appointment's duration at the time it is booked.

o      The number of appointment priority levels. Appointment priority levels are used when a double-booking occurs, allowing the user to indicate the priority order of bookings.

o      Whether the practitioner elects to use SMS Reminder notification functionality, and if so, whether there are any appointment types for which this functionality will not be used.

o      The practitioner's availability schedule, and holiday schedule. This gives other users an indication of the practitioner's availability and whereabouts at any time.

To Manage a Practitioner's Appointment Settings:

1.      Select Setup > Practitioner > Practitioner Details. The Practitioner Setup window appears.

2.      Select the Appointments tab, as seen below.


3.      From the Practitioners list, select the practitioner for whom you wish to edit appointment settings.

4.      Enter the practitioner's default Appointment Slot Size (appointment duration) in minutes, in the Appointment Slot Size text box. Notes:

o      This value can only be changed with assistance from MedicalDirector Customer Care.

o      This value can be changed for each appointment, via the Appointment Book, at the time an appointment booking is recorded.

o      When viewing the appointment book such that appointments for multiple practitioners are seen simultaneously, the default appointment slot duration for all practitioners will reflect the shortest duration recorded here. In other words, if you have 3 practitioners, and their Appointment Slot Sizes are 40, 30, and 20 respectively, the default appointment duration displayed in the Appointment Book will be '20' for all practitioners.



5.      Enter the number of appointment priority levels in the Default Level of Appointment Priorities text box.

6.      Indicate whether the practitioner will use Bluechip's SMS Reminder functionality via the Do Not Send SMS check box.

7.      Setup the practitioner's work availability schedule (Plan Configuration).

8.      Setup the practitioner's holiday schedule.

9.      Configure the practitioner's Appointment Types, as explained following.

o      The Appointment Types section at the bottom of the Practitioner Setup window allows you to define the types of appointments each practitioner is available for. A maximum of 12 appointment types can be recorded in Bluechip, with each type fully-customisable by the practitioner.

o      Each appointment type is signified by a different colour. By using different colours, it is easy to see which types of appointments have been scheduled for each practitioner. For example, the following image indicates that Dr Kong has a Review at 1:00 pm, because for Dr Kong, appointments of type 'review' are displayed in pink. Similarly, Dr Ayers' appointment at 1:00 is a Procedure, because for Dr Ayers, 'procedure' appointments are displayed in green.



10.   For each appointment type you wish to record, indicate the following information:

o      The description - usually one or two words.

o      The description abbreviation.

o      The usual length (appointment duration) in minutes. This duration can be changed for each appointment, at the time an appointment booking is recorded.

o      Whether for a given appointment type, SMS Reminder messages will not be sent.


11.   Click to save your settings and close the Practitioner Setup window.