Adding / Editing Practitioners

This topic refers to the management of practitioner records as they relate to your Bluechip licence i.e. the number of practitioner records your licence permits you to maintain.

For information regarding practitioner settings in relation to the day-to-day use of Bluechip, see Practitioners (Overview).


1.      Open and log in to BC Secure.

2.      In BC Secure, select the Practitioners menu item, as seen below.

Note that from this window you can add, edit or deactivate practitioner accounts.


3.      Click  The Practitioner Licence Details window appears.


4.      Enter the relevant details in the Practitioner Licence Details dialogue box. Each field must be completed, including the Rooms field (each practitioner must have at least one room associated with them).

Bluechip validates Provider Numbers before it allows you to save a practitioner's Licence details. You will not be able to save your practitioner's Licence details until you have entered a valid Provider Number.



5.      Click to confirm your details. You will be returned to the BC Secure window, where you can setup rooms associated with the practitioner, if desired.