Original Appointment Book


Bluechip's appointments system is extremely flexible. You can make appointments through a global Appointment Book, or through a patient's file. You can setup your own appointment types, set preferred times for particular appointment types and search for free appointment slots, including appointment type specific searches.

Each Practitioner in your Bluechip system will have his or her own appointment book, which can be completely customised to suit his or her individual needs and preferences. It is also possible to have separate appointment books for associate Practitioners, such as nurses and orthoptists, or for resources, such as a PUVA machine. These associate Practitioners and/or resources are referred to, in terms of your Bluechip Licence, as Tenants.

Each of the appointment types you have setup can be set to default to different lengths of time. For example, you may allow thirty minutes for a new patient, but only fifteen for a review consultation.

Before entering your first appointment into Bluechip, it is recommended that you check the setup of your appointment book. If any changes need to be made to these settings, it will be easier to make them before you have made your first appointment. That is not to say that you will be unable to change your settings at a later date, however. All settings can be modified at any time, by any user who has a sufficiently high permission level.