Health Fund Membership Migration


The Bluechip Health Fund Membership Migration utility allows you to migrate your existing patient accounts to a new Health Fund Membership format. This process involves 'mapping' the fields from an existing Account Class to fields in the new format.

For example, in your current Account Class you may have a field called 'Health Fund Code' which relates to a patient's identification number for their Health Fund. In the new format though, you discover that no such 'Health Fund Field' exists. However, assume there is a field called 'Membership Number' which contains the same format of data i.e. the patient's identification number for the Health Fund. In this case, you would map the 'Health Fund Field' from one Class with the 'Membership Number' of the other, and by doing so, the patient's data will reside under the correct fields in the new format. The process for making this field-to-field association is explained below.

Before starting the wizard, ensure that no-one else is running Bluechip on your network - the wizard requires exclusive access to the Bluechip database.


1.      From within Bluechip, select BC Tools > Utilities > Health Fund Membership Migration Wizard. You will be prompted that Bluechip must be closed in order for the Wizard to proceed.


2.      Click  to continue. Bluechip will exit and the Wizard will commence.

3.      You will be prompted to login in order to continue the Wizard.


4.      Enter your normal Bluechip user name and password, and then click  The Bluechip Health Fund Membership Migration Wizard welcome screen appears.


5.      Click to continue. You will be prompted to select which of your Account Classes you wish to migrate.


6.      Place a tick next to each Account Class you wish to migrate and then click to proceed.

7.      You will be prompted that you must now indicate how each field for a selected class will map to a field in the new Health Fund Membership format. Click to commence.

8.      The Map Account Class Fields window appears. This window allows you to provide the information necessary for the wizard to migrate the selected classes. In other words, it's via this window that you establish the field-to-field associations described at the start of this topic.


9.      From the upper-most drop-down list, select Health Fund, as shown in the image above.

10.  Map the Account Contacts field to 'Health Fund', as shown in the example. You will then have access to the field mapping options.

o       The fields on the left-hand side of the window represent the fields in the class you selected. In the example above, it is the class called 'My Demo Class'.

o       The fields on the right-hand side of the window represent the fields in the Health Fund membership format that the left-hand fields will be mapped to.

         In the example above we can see that the Number Field called 'Health Fund Code' in the current class will be mapped to (or become) a field called 'Membership Number' in the new Health Fund Membership format. Proceed through the available class fields, mapping them to their counterparts as necessary.

         If in Step 5 you selected multiple account classes to edit, the and  buttons allow you to navigate between them.


11.  Once all classes have been mapped, click  You will be returned to the Wizard.

12.  This time, click  You will be presented with a summary of the Account Class migration details for you to confirm.


13.  If the details are correct, click  Otherwise click to make corrections as necessary.

14.  The migration commences. You will be notified upon its completion. Click when prompted.

15.  Click the Exit button to close the Health Fund Membership Migration wizard. You can now return to Bluechip.