Creating an Invoice Using Online Patient Claiming


To process an invoice using Online Patient Claiming:

1.      Ensure you have setup a batch type for patient claims.

2.      Ensure you have setup a class for Medicare Online.

3.      Ensure you have setup a class to use the batch type.

4.      Ensure you have setup a Practitioner to use the class.

5.      Ensure you have setup a Company Group (Hospitals).

6.      Ensure you have setup your options to Use Medicare Online.

7.      Create an account for the Practitioner (you have previously setup this Practitioner to use the Patient Claims class at step 4).

8.      Select the account you have created in step 7 and click the Open Existing Account button.

9.      Click the New Invoice button and add items to the invoice. Issue in the normal way. Be aware that there are a number of rules specific to patient claiming.


See Sending Invoices Using Online Patient Claiming for more information.