Before You Begin Using the Appointment Book


Bluechip offers three different Appointment Book formats;

o       The 'Original' format which displays appointments per practitioner

o       A 'Multi-practitioner' format (similar to the original, but can display appointments for multiple practitioners simultaneously)

o       An 'Outlook'-style format


You must select which format you wish to use. The following instructions explain how to make that selection.

Note that you can also configure some appointment settings for each practitioner, such as the types of appointments they offer (and the default duration of each type). These settings are managed via the Appointments tab within Practitioner Settings.


1.      Select Setup > User Preferences. The Setup User Preferences window appears.

2.      Click the Practice Explorer tab.


3.      Within the Appointment Book section, select the  Outlook® Style option.

4.      Click to confirm.

5.      Select Setup > Practice > Options. The Practice Options window appears.


6.      Select the Practice Explorer tab.

7.      Select from either Multi-practitioner View or Outlook® Style as the default.

8.      Click to confirm your settings.