Appointment List (With Comment) Report


This report provides you with a list, in order of scheduled time of arrival, of all patients who have appointments booked on the dates you select, with the Practitioners you select, and of the appointment types you select. It also includes the comments that are attached to these appointments, and is therefore a longer report than the Appointment list (no comment).


The list is presented in the form of a table, with the following headings: Time, Duration, Patient, Type, Phone No, and File No. The associated comments are listed under each patient's appointment.

o       Time refers to the scheduled time of arrival.

o       Duration refers to the length, in minutes, of the appointment, as scheduled.

o       Patient refers to the name of the patient.

o       Type refers to the appointment type that is selected when the appointment is made. The abbreviation are displayed here.

o       The Phone No column will display both the main and alternate phone numbers, assuming both are entered in the patient's file.

o       The File No column displays the patient's file number. If your practice does not use file numbers, then you can edit the template and remove this extra column.



How the Appointment List (With Comment) Report is defined

This report is based on the dates for appointments that have been made, that is, the dates that were selected when the appointments were made, and is linked to a specific Practitioners.



How to generate an Appointment List (With Comment) Report

1.      Either:

o       Click

o       Press Ctrl+P

o       Select Reports > Print


2.      The Print Report window appears.


3.      Select Appointment list (with comment) from the list of reports and click  The Print Appointment List (With Comment) Report window appears.


4.      Enter the date range for the report and then press the [Tab] key.

5.      You can scroll through the list of Practitioners and select the specific Practitioner whose list you wish to print, and you can also select only the appointment types you wish to print. Alternatively, you can click on either, or both, of the All Practitioners and All Appointment Types buttons.

There must be at least one Practitioner and one appointment type selected, or nothing will print. If you print the report for a date on which the selected Practitioner has no appointments booked, then an empty page will be printed with just the header. Click the Next button.



6.      Ensure that the correct printer and tray are selected and then click

You will have to select the printer and tray the first time you print this report, on each terminal. Thereafter Bluechip will remember the appropriate settings.



How to Interpret this Report

For example, Mr Greg Smith has an appointment with Dr Demo Caseg, at 9.00am. His consultation appointment is scheduled for 15 minutes. He can be contacted on phone numbers 9467 6100 or 1300 300 161, and his file number is TLG132. Also, be aware that Mr Smith has an allergy to penicillin.



Extra fields that can be used with this report

o       Medicare Number - [Pat_Medicare]

o       Veterans' Affairs Number - [Pat_Veterans]

o       Medicare Reference Number - [Pat_MedicareRef]

o       Medicare Expiry Date - [Pat_MedicareExpiry]

o       Patient Details Comment line - [Pat_Comment]

o       Referring Dr - [RefDoc_Name]

o       Date of Referral - [Pat_RefDate]

o       Period of Referral - [Pat_RefPeriod]