Appointment Book Window


An Overview of the Appointment Book window - refer to the image below


An Appointment Group is a pre-defined group of practitioners. A practice might choose to create a number of Appointment Groups in order to quickly and easily differentiate between types of specialists, for example. Use the Groups drop-down list to quickly access different Group's appointment schedules.


Use the Practitioners drop-down list to select which practitioner's appointment schedule you wish to display. This list display only those practitioners from the group selected with the Group drop-down list. If more than one practitioner is available, you can elect to view multiple practitioners simultaneously, up to a maximum, as defined in Practice Explorer Preferences.

Select a View option to alter the Time Ruler view to one of Day, Work Week, Week or Month.

Search for any available free time slots.

Send an SMS Reminder message to either a specific patient (of a selected appointment), or a bulk list of recipients.

Time Ruler

The Time Ruler displays a time period. The image below shows a single day, divided into segments of 20 minutes each.

How segments of time are presented on the Time Ruler varies, depending on which View (see View buttons, above) you have selected, from Day, Work Week, Week or Month.


Use the calendar to select a day to view in the Time Ruler.

Practitioner Details

This section displays the Plan Configuration details of the selected practitioner.

Daily Message

This section displays the message for the selected day.

Appointment Legend

This legend helps you determine the type of appointments scheduled in the Time Ruler.

Appointment Details

This section displays a summary of a selected appointment's details.


See Appointments and Bookings for further information.