Recommended System Requirements for MedicalDirector Applications


The following MedicalDirector applications are covered by this guide:

o       MedicalDirector Clinical Connect 3.16b

o       MedicalDirector Pracsoft Connect 3.16b

o       MedicalDirector Clinical Connect 3.16b with Bluechip 2.11 and above

o       Bluechip 2.11 and above only


This information is intended as a guide to assist practices in identifying their computer hardware, Operating System and software requirements. MedicalDirector recommends that practices consult a Microsoft Certified Technician to determine requirements and licensing to meet their individual needs.

System Recommendations are minimum guidelines. Actual requirements will vary based on your system configuration, installed applications and usage.

This information is also available as a PDF.



If your hardware does not meet these recommendations, call MedicalDirector Customer Care to discuss suitability.


Server / Standalone



Intel Quad-Core (or equivalent) or better

 Intel Core2 Duo Processor (or equivalent) or better


4 GB or higher

o       8 GB or more for Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard 64-bit.

o       Additional RAM required in a TS/Remote Desktop/Citrix environment, depending on application usage and the number of concurrent user sessions. A min of 300MB extra per session recommended. Consult your System Administrator.

2 GB or higher

Hard Disk

MedicalDirector software occupies ~5 GB HD space with a SQL 2008 R2 Express instance, excluding prerequisites, or database/document growth.

Minimum of 2 GB free space, excluding prerequisites.

The actual space required is determined by your activities, with a recommended minimum of 320-500 GB. For advice, consult a suitably qualified professional or call MedicalDirector Customer Care .


Min. 1024x768 at 16-bit colour, without MedicalDirector Sidebar.

Min. 1280x720 at 16-bit colour, with MedicalDirector Sidebar.


A drive capable of reading DVDs is required for software installation.


An available USB port is required for versions of MedicalDirector products released on USB drives.


MedicalDirector Pracsoft Connect requires a printer to run. A middle-to-high range printer is recommended, depending on the intended workload.

Multifunction Printers are not recommended for Bluechip.


MedicalDirector Clinical Connect and Bluechip require that scanners be TWAIN-compliant.


It is recommended that each computer have internet access to take advantage of MedicalDirector Automatic Updates.

An active Internet connection on the Pracsoft Connect application server is required for Pracsoft Online Appointments, and integration with Jayex Patient Check-in systems.

Required on Clinical Connect computers for placing eOrders pathology/cytology requests.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

All businesses that have ‘mission critical’ data should have a disaster recovery plan in place, including a full backup-and-restore facility for at least the Server, but preferably extended to all computers that perform important functions or store Practice data. While this impacts on initial setup costs, it provides comprehensive coverage in the event of a failure. MedicalDirector recommends that you consult a suitably qualified professional to establish your needs.



Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Services and Citrix

Many MedicalDirector customers are using Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Service, or Citrix as an operating environment. These environments generally require a qualified professional technician to manage and configure. MedicalDirector support services are limited to the operation of MedicalDirector software in these environments.



Microsoft Products

Internet Explorer

o       Min IE7 required for Sidebar.

o       Min IE9 required for Pracsoft Practice Portal (Online Appointments configuration). Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled on client computers accessing the Practice Portal.


Microsoft Office

Please consult the following table for compatibility with Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office Version




Day Surgery3


















1 - Clinical and Pracsoft Connect uses your default email program for sending appointment reminders. If you use MS Outlook as your default email program, please note that Clinical/Pracsoft Connect is not compatible with the 64-bit versions of MS Outlook.

2 - Bluechip requires a minimum of Microsoft Word 2003 for word processing and a minimum of Microsoft Excel 2003 for the Bluechip Reporting Module. Day Surgery requires a minimum of Microsoft Access 2003.

3 - Microsoft Office 2007 or later is required if Day Surgery is used with Bluechip for Eclipse In Hospital Claiming (IHC).



Microsoft OS and SQL Server Compatibility Matrix

Clinical Connect, Pracsoft Connect, and Bluechip are distributed with the free Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition (Max 10GB database limit). If Practices wish to use a full Microsoft SQL Server product, the following are tested minimum versions.


Minimum Supported Microsoft SQL Server Products

MedicalDirector recommends you install the latest Service Pack

OS-SQL Compatibility

SQL 2005SP3

SQL 2008 R1/R2

SQL 2012

SQL 2014

Clinical / Pracsoft

Clinical / Bluechip


Clinical / Pracsoft

Clinical / Bluechip


Clinical / Pracsoft

Clinical / Bluechip


Clinical / Pracsoft

Clinical / Bluechip


Server 2003  Service Pack 2 (including SBS) 32-bit



Server 2008 R1   

Small Business Server (SBS) 2008 64-bit     

Server 2008 R21

Small Business Server (SBS) 20111

Server 2012 1, 5, 8

Server 2012 R2 1, 5, 8

XP Home Service Pack 3, 32-bit

Standalone or peer-to-peer w/ other XP Home only    

XP Pro Service Pack 2, 32-bit  

XP Pro Service Pack 3, 32-bit

Windows Vista Business/Ultimate/Enterprise2 Service Pack 1

*Requires Service Pack 2


Windows 7 3


Windows 8 5, 8

Excludes Windows RT


Windows 8.1 5, 8

Excludes Windows RT


Windows 10 4, 5, 8


Citrix Presentation Server 4

See ‘Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Services and Citrix’ section, above.


1 - Microsoft provides only a 64-bit version.

2 - Home Basic/Premium will install Clinical Connect / Pracsoft Connect 3.16b and Bluechip 2.11, but not recommended. Should not be used in a Server role for Clinical/Pracsoft or Standalone/Dedicated Server for Bluechip.

3 - Home Premium has limited functionality, recommended only for Standalone Servers, or in a simple network with other Windows 7 Home Premium PCs.

4 - When you run Clinical Connect for the first time after upgrading to Windows 10, you may observe the Clinical Connect installation repairing itself. In the majority of cases, the repair process completes automatically – no user interaction is required. However, if you are prompted for the installer, please contact MedicalDirector Customer Care for assistance.

5 - Spell-check and thesaurus are incompatible with Windows 8.1, 10, and Server 2012 R2, and have been disabled for the 3.15 + releases.

6 - SQL Server 2014 Standard only.

7 - Any version. SP1 is required.

8 - Scheduled Bluechip Backup Utility is initially not compatible. For assistance in enabling this functionality please contact MedicalDirector Customer Care .

9 - Pracsoft Online Appointments is not supported on these platforms.