Population Health: MedicalDirector Insights Release Notes


Health Care Provider Report

The Health Care Provider (HCP) report is submitted annually to the Department of Health by all Australian Government funded Indigenous health services that are eligible to claim Medicare benefits for primary health care services.



New: NSW KPIs Reports

NSW Aboriginal Health Program Key Performance Indicators reports now available.

o       A list of the available reports is shown below.

o       To aid you in reporting this information, a new NSW KPI Quarterly Collection schedule has also been provided.

o       PI 01 Population Health – Smoking Assessment

o       PI 02 Population Health – Smoking Cessation

o       PI 03 Population Health –Healthy Weight

o       PI 04 Population Health – Absolute Risk

o       PI 05 Kidney Function Testing

o       PI 06 Population Health - Diabetes Key Measurables

o       PI 07 Diabetes HbA1c Result

o       PI 08 Population Health - GP Management Plans

o       PI 09 Population Health – GP Management Plan Reviews

o       PI 10 Population Health – Health Checks

o       PI 11 Population Health – Team Care Arrangements

o       PI 12 Population Health – Team Care Arrangement Reviews

o       PI 13 Population Health – Child Immunisation

o       PI 14 Population Health – Influenza Vaccination Pregnancy

o       PI 15 Population Health – Influenza Vaccination Children

o       PI 16 Population Health – Influenza Vaccination Adults

o       PI 17 Population Health – Pertussis Vaccination

o       PI 23 Population Health – AUDIT-C

o       PI 26 Mental Health - GP Mental Health Plan

o       PI 27 Mental Health - GP Mental Health Plan Review


Other Modifications

o       All menus now display items in alphabetical order, except for the SNAP menu (in which items are presented in acronymic order).

o       In line with Department of Health requirements, the nKPI and OSR have been modified to reflect visit types pertaining only to the provision of primary health care, which encompass;

         Home visit consultations

         Locum services

         Nursing home consultations

         Surgery consultations


Furthermore, in reference specifically to the Online Services Report, one episode of health care is now defined as all contact between a client and service with one or more staff over one calendar day.



o       Modifications to definitions used within Insights.

         CVD now includes;

·       Cerebrovascular insufficiency

·       Raynaud's phenomenon

         CKD now includes;

·       Diabetic Nephropathy

·       Polycystic kidney

·       Glomerulonephritis - Post streptococcal

·       Glomerulonephritis – Proliferative

·       Nephrotic syndrome

         CKD definition now excludes ‘Acute renal failure’