Clinical/Pracsoft Release Notes 3.17


The following information outlines the enhancements, modifications, and fixes contained in the Clinical/Pracsoft 3.17 update.

The 3.17 update is a full release;

o       The DVD version (ISO) of this update can be installed over 3.12.

o       The .EXE version of this update (distributed via MedicalDirector Automatic Updates) can be installed over 3.16 or later.


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Clinical Content


Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K-10) Assessment

The Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K-10) Assessment is available to all patients, and allows you to assess a patient's mental health. Access the assessment by selecting Assessment > Distress (K10) Assessment from within the patient’s record.



Concurrent Access to Patient Records

You can now open a patient's record on more than one computer, simultaneously. See Opening a Patient's Record on Multiple Computers




A Refresh button has been added to Immunisations. If multiple users have the same patient's record open simultaneously, clicking this button will refresh your list to display any past vaccinations saved by other users during this session.



My Health Record

Shared Health Summary Changes

When recording a Shared Health Summary, and one of the sections contains no recorded data, you must now specify whether the exclusion is “None known” or “None supplied”. Previously this defaulted to “None Known”.


Shared Health Summaries (in My Health Record window) now display the author’s role:


The My Health Record window now indicates whether a Shared Health Summary has been saved to Clinical.


Event Summary Changes

When recording an Event Summary, you can now import the day’s Progress Notes by clicking the associated button.


When recording an Event Summary, clicking the More button expands the list of items to include historical entries from the current Progress Note.



Patient’s Record

The patient record now accounts for patients who go by a single name (as opposed to the First-name/Surname combination). For such patients, tick the Single Name check box. The Surname field changes to display “Name”. Enter the patient’s name into this field.




To ensure that clinicians are adhering to State/Territory legislation regarding the prescribing of Schedule 8 (S8) medications, they will now be prompted to complete a short questionnaire upon prescribing such medications, an example of which is shown below.

This prompt can be disabled for a given patient (and re-enabled via Clinical > Disabled Patient Prompts).



Population Health – MedicalDirector Insights

MedicalDirector Insights is a practice population health tool that is securely integrated with Clinical. It aims to assist the practice in improving the quality of patient health outcomes and practice accreditation. The graphs, charts, and reports that are essential for analysing population health are all defined in accordance to clinical measure standard defined by Improvement Foundation.



Progress Notes

Choose a Default Visit Type

Select the default Visit Type via Progress Note Options. You can disable the prompt via the prompt itself.


Refresh the List of Past Notes

A Refresh button has been added to Progress Notes. If multiple users have the same patient's record open simultaneously, clicking this button will refresh your list to display any past notes saved by other users during this session.

Further considerations:

o       Each user can write a unique Progress Note (even in restricted-access mode).

o       You can modify your last Note (created today) up until midnight.

o       In restricted-mode, most features on the Progress tab are disabled. However you can write notes, and access Comments/Management.

o       You are not able to delete or append to today’s notes.

o       You are not able to resume a previous note (created today) if you open a patient’s record in restricted mode i.e. you must have full access to edit your own Progress Note.


Your Active Progress Note Highlighted

Your current Progress Note (the Note you are actively working on) is now displayed in green in the list of previous visits. See Progress Tab for more information.




When you conduct a search for Recalls, you can now elect whether to include recalls where the User is ‘Unknown’ – the search criteria window (Search > Recall) provides a check box for toggling this option.



ePIP Calculator Updated

The widget version of the ePIP Shared Health Summary Calculator now provides a facility for viewing the distribution of Shared Health Summaries you have uploaded, per location.

Using the example below, we can see that this practice has uploaded 4 Shared Health Summaries for August.

Click the SHS Practice upload value you wish to examine - in this example., the '4'.


A table showing the distribution of uploads per location is displayed.


In our example, the table indicates;

o       There were 4 uploads in total

o       3 of those uploads were performed by Dr A Practitioner, operating out of two locations; ‘Practice Branch 1’ and ‘Practice Branch 2’

o       1 of those uploads was performed by Dr I Feelgood, operating out of a location called ‘Practice Branch 1'


Note: The Location data is sourced from the Location field in the practitioner's record in Pracsoft. For practitioners that do not have anything recorded in this field, or for sites that do not use Pracsoft, the location field in the above table will read "N/A".




New SMS Button

You can now access the SMS Reminder Log directly from within a patient’s record, via the SMS icon.


New Recall Reminder Templates

New default SMS templates for recall reminders with or without a recall reason recorded.



Pracsoft Content

Appointment Book

Add and Edit Patients from the Appointment Book

Patient records can be added/edited from within the Appointment Book itself.  Next-of-Kin/Emergency Contacts can be added via the Appointment Book, but must be edited from within Pracsoft.

Records added via the Appointment Book are saved to the Pracsoft database.

For detailed information, see Adding/Editing Patient Records via the Appointment Book.


Data Preserved when Linking Appointments to Patients

Phone numbers and other appointment information is preserved when creating, updating, and linking appointments to patient records.

View Upcoming Appointments

You can now see when a patient’s next appointment is scheduled for, by selecting them from the Select Patient window within the Appointment Book.


This information is also available when editing the patient’s record via the Appointment Book.



New Processes for Scheduling Appointments

The process for adding a new patient to the Appointment Book has changed slightly; now the Select Patient window (for new patients) displays:

o       A Create Appointment button for creating the appointment without also creating a patient record in Pracsoft.

o       A New Patient button for simultaneously creating a new patient record, and scheduling the appointment for them.



The process for adding an existing patient to the Appointment Book has changed slightly; now the Select Patient window displays;

o       A Select button for creating the appointment.

o       A New Patient button for simultaneously creating a new patient record, and scheduling their appointment.

o       An Edit button for editing the existing patient’s record from within the Appointment Book.



Medicare Online Claiming

o       Updated Medicare Client Adaptor to June 2014 specification.

o       MBS fees updated to June/July 2016.

o       Updated printed statements in line with current legislation.

o       New referral override codes: ‘Not required’ and ‘Remote Exemption’.

o       Passwords are no longer required when resetting Bulk Bill and DVA claims via Medicare Online and resetting/resubmitting Bulk Bill claims via Medicare EasyClaim.

         Only Level 9 users may reset and re-submit claims

o       Status of reset claims changes from ‘transmitted’ to ‘new’.

o       Reason for claim reset/re-submit field allows 100 characters

o       When typing a reason for reset/resubmission, you can select reason typed earlier from the suggestion list


o       Added 'Date Lodged' column to Online Claiming window.


o       Reset/Resubmit Claim Audit Log provides an audit-trail listing of the claims that have been reset/resubmitted. Reset details of Bulk Bill and DVA claims sent via Medicare Online and re-submission details of EasyClaims can be retrieved in this report. Select Reports > Reset/Resubmit Claim Audit Log. Alternatively, you can access this when processing online claims, via  the View menu.



o       Note that the Reset Bulk Claim Status option is now unavailable if there are any AIR claims, or claims without a transmitted status within the selection you made. This option is available by right-clicking.

         You can select multiple claims simultaneously, using CTRL or SHIFT


o       When requesting or re-requesting claim processing reports from Medicare, reports  can be filtered to list service items that are:

         Fully paid

         Fully paid with explanations

         Overpaid and underpaid

         Not paid

Filter options are saved and shared across Request and Re-Request Reports windows.



Patient’s Record

Acceptable Name Formats for Online Claiming

Refers to;

o       Bulk Bill (DBS),

o       Patient Claims Interactive (PCI),

o       Patient Claim Store and Forward (PCS),

o       Same Day Delete (SDD).  

For these claims, patient/claimant first names and surname fields accept alpha-numeric characters, apostrophes, hyphens and spaces. However spaces must not appear immediately before or after the apostrophes and hyphens.



o       O'Toole  - Valid

o       O' Toole - Invalid (one or more spaces after apostrophe)

o       'Toole - Invalid (one or more spaces before apostrophe)


o       Anne-Marie   - Valid

o       Anne -Marie  - Invalid (one or more spaces before hyphen)

o       Anne- Marie  - Invalid (one or more spaces after hyphen)

o       Anne - Marie - Invalid (one or more spaces before and after hyphen)


o       Robert AKA Bob - Valid

o       Robert (Bob) - Invalid ('(' and ')' are not one of the allowed characters)



Recording Visits

Set Default Visit time to match Appointment Time

Via the Patient tab of Global Settings you can now set the visit time to default to the time of the appointment. When this option is disabled, the visit time is taken as the current time.


Change the Order of Service Items

To comply with Medicare’s requirements for submitting Service Items in the correct order, you can now modify the order by selecting an item, and clicking the UP/DOWN buttons.



Service Improvement Program

MedicalDirector's Service Improvement Program collections information about your Microsoft products and related applications, without interruption to you or your computer systems.

The information gathered helps to enhance MedicalDirector's product suite, and to provide you with a better Customer Care experience. For more details on what data is collected, please click the ‘Notice of Collection…’ link on the window.

The Service Improvement Program opt in/out option is available by selecting Help > Consent from within Pracsoft.




Shared Content and Maintenance

New Communication Services Utility

The Communication Services utility allows you to configure the TCP port range used for Clinical's concurrent write access functionality. Concurrent write access allows multiple users to open the same patient's record simultaneously. It also gives you access to the new Manage Patient Locks utility.

The Communication Services utility is available via Common Database Tasks. See ‘Communication Services’ in the Maintenance Help for information about how to use this utility.


It is important to note that if you disable Communication Services (i.e. remove the tick from the associated check box in the utility show below), the entire advance patient record sharing system will be disabled, and Clinical will revert to its legacy read-only mode, where the first user has full access to a patient’s record, and subsequent users have read-only mode, and it is not possible to transfer full access to other users.


New Manage Patient Locks Utility

This utility allows you to reset (i.e. 'unlock') any locked patient records. You would only need to run this if for example there had been some sort of unforeseen interruption on your network (e.g. a workstation crash) resulting in the service thinking that one or more patient records are open, when in fact they are not.

This utility is to be used with caution - you must be absolutely certain that there are no computers on which a patient's record is in fact open. If this utility is used in error, and the patient's record is opened in write-mode on multiple computers simultaneously, you may inadvertently overwrite data recorded by another user.

The Manage Patient Locks utility is available only via the server version of the Communication Services utility.

To reset a lock, select one or more patient records, and click Reset Locks.




New filter added to the Messenger main window