Upgrade Process Checklist for Clinical/Pracsoft


The following checklist contains a few items to take into consideration before performing the update to the current release of MedicalDirector Clinical/Pracsoft.

Review the System Requirements

If you currently have an IT technician who performs your updates, please contact them before proceeding.

Allow enough time to perform the update. MedicalDirector recommends you conduct the update outside of business hours, or on weekends.

Perform a full MedicalDirector Backup.

If you use MedicalDirector Mobility, please upload all patient data prior to updating.

Ensure that all MedicalDirector software is closed on each computer.

Ensure Antivirus and Firewall software has been disabled for the installation, and re-enabled once the install is complete.

Once installed successfully on the server, you can install the update on your workstations.

Open MedicalDirector Clinical, and ensure you can view and save letters and documents.

Open MedicalDirector Pracsoft, and ensure you can perform an OPV, as well as check that your Daysheets reflect the last working day’s billing.