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IP and Host Name Resolution Requirements for MedicalDirector Communication Services

MedicalDirector Communication Services enables concurrent write access for patient records, allowing multiple users to record Progress Notes simultaneously. In this scenario, the first user to open the patient's record will have normal (full) access to the patient's record. Secondary users are granted write-access to the patient's Progress Notes, but read-only access to other content.

By default, Communication Services establishes its Endpoint Address using your MedicalDirector Clinical Database Server Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), comprised of Hostname + DNS Suffix. If no DNS Suffix is configured for the Database Server, there will be no FQDN, and the Service will fall back to using the IP Address of the Primary Network Adapter.

The Communication Services utility allows you to configure the TCP port range used for Clinical's concurrent write access functionality if the default Ports 8090-8190 are already in use.

If a DNS Suffix is configured on the MedicalDirector Database Server, ensure that the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is resolvable from all Workstations running MedicalDirector Clinical.

If a DNS Suffix is not configured on the MedicalDirector Database Server, ensure that the IP Address is assigned via a DHCP Reservation, or set statically on the Adapter. When bound to an IP address, Communication Services will not automatically recover from a change of address, and this configuration is not supported