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Set-up Guide for Clinical

This Clinical Set-up Guide is intended to assist new customers with configuring the minimum required setup for your Practice. It is recommended that you read this guide thoroughly, as doing so will assist you in gathering the information needed for MedicalDirector Clinical first-time use. Note also that you may need assistance from your Systems Administrator with some of the settings outlined following.

Beyond the basics presented in this guide, consider the guide Getting Started with Clinical to quickly become familiar with Clinical’s core functionality.

o      Detailed tutorials are found in the Online Help.

Knowledge Base articles are also available.

Should you require further assistance, please contact MedicalDirector Customer Care.

Before You Begin

Initial Start-up Requirements – for ‘Clinical Hosted’ Environments

o      You have provided Clinical Hosted with the relevant details for initial setup;

       Practitioner details

       MedicalDirector Clinical Email requirements


Initial Start-up Requirements

o      MedicalDirector Clinical Licence Key.

o      Details of at least one practitioner, including their Prescriber Number and Provider Number.

o      At least one installed printer.

o      An active Internet connection, which is required for registering for MDExchange and ePrescribing.

o      Ensure your System Administrator has provided your computer with email access. Web-based email services such as Hotmail are not compatible.

       Ensure the email software you wish to use with Clinical is the default email software on the computer (required only if you wish to send email via Letter Writer).


eHealth Requirements

o      Ensure your practice is registered for ePIP.

o      Obtain a Healthcare Provider Identifier – Organisation (HPI-O) number. For information, visit the Medicare for Healthcare Professionals web site.

o      Obtain a Healthcare Provider Identifier – Individual (HPI-I) number. For information, visit the Medicare for Healthcare Professionals web site.

o      Obtain IHI Signing and IHI Encryption certificates, ensuring they have been configured for access to HI Service.

o      Obtain the guide, ‘PIP eHealth Incentive Requirement - 1 Healthcare Identifiers’

o      Obtain a National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) PKI certificate.

o      You have installed software for SMD-compliant Messaging. MedicalDirector has partnered with Healthlink which provides a free messaging service to GPs;

ph. 1800 125 036



See a complete list of SMD-compliant messaging vendors

Opening and Logging-On to Clinical

If using Clinical with Pracsoft, add a user to Pracsoft first. They will then be available to Clinical when next opening it. Then, when first logging into Clinical, you will be prompted if additional information is required.

Registering Clinical

1.      Double-click the Clinical icon on your Desktop. Clinical opens and you are prompted to log on.


2.      To register Clinical, select MD Live Data from the Configuration drop-down list.

3.      When prompted, enter the Licence details exactly as supplied to you by MedicalDirector.

o      Click Validate

o      Click Save

o      Click Close

Adding a Practitioner

After registering, add a practitioner when prompted. Users can be managed later via Users > Setup Users.

o      On the Add Doctor window, fields marked with * are mandatory.

The first doctor you add will have top-level access by default. Give them Options Editing privileges also.

ePrescribing is enabled by default, and registration is required for participation. Regardless of your choice now, you will be prompted to register for ePrescribing shortly.

Complete eHealth information for this practitioner now, including their MyHealthRecord Details and HPI-I number.

After clicking OK, create a password of 6-to-10 characters that does not include any part of the practitioner's name. Click Save to confirm.

You can add further practitioners, along with other types of users later. See Managing Practitioner and User Records.


Register for MDExchange

You will be prompted to register for MDExchange, after which you can use the service, and manage correspondence.  See Registering MDExchange for detailed instructions.

Register for ePrescribing  Participation

You will be prompted to register for ePrescribing, after which you can use the service. See also ePrescribing Configuration.


Clinical is now open, and you are presented with the Select Patient from List window. Close this window for now - before you can begin attending to your patients, you need to configure some important settings, explained below.

Important Settings


Select Tools > Print Options > Printer Setup tab. Changes made here must be performed on each computer on which you run Clinical. There are 4 different printer ‘types’;

o      Script: for Prescriptions.

Pathology: for Pathology requests.

Radiology: for Imaging requests.

Letter: for plain paper printing, e.g. Summaries, Assessments.


Print jobs can be sent to different printers on your network and to different print trays. Via Print Options you can also adjust the placement of printed data.

Practice Address Details

Select Tools > Options > Practice tab. Enter you Practice’s details, including your HPI-O number.

Linking Clinical to Third-Party Billing Packages

If you run Pracsoft in conjunction with Clinical it is not necessary to configure linking, as both applications share the same patient database. However if you run a third-party billing package, you can synchronise patient data (added/edited via the billing package) with Clinical. See Links Options.

Practice Incentives Program (PIP) eHealth Incentive

The following guides are available:

o      Requirement 1: Integrating Healthcare Identifiers into Electronic Practice Records

o      Requirement 2: Secure Messaging Capability (SMD)

o      Requirement 3: Data Records and Clinical Coding

o      Requirement 4: Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions

o      Requirement 5: Personally Controlled Electronic Health (eHealth) Record System PCEHR, and Creating and Managing CDA Documents for PCEHR

Configuring Clinical for Email Correspondence

For detailed information, see Knowledge Base article Email Services for MedicalDirector Clinical.