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Clinical Minor ID

What is a Minor ID?

In order to successfully process online services you use such as Eclipse, DVA and AIR, Medicare needs to identify your practice. It does this using a unique identifier known as a Minor ID.

Does This Affect My Practice?

Traditionally, a Minor ID was only required by practices running MedicalDirector Helix, Pracsoft, or Bluechip, as these applications include functionality for generating/receiving online claims and other such Medicare services. However, with the addition of AIR Web Services to MedicalDirector Clinical 4.2, a Minor ID is now also required by all sites running Clinical 4.2 or later.

How Do I Obtain a Minor ID for My Practice?

Your unique Minor ID is issued to you by MedicalDirector

Recording A Clinical Minor ID

1.      From the Clinical main window, select Tools > Options > Practice Tab.

2.      Locate the Minor ID field and record you Minor ID here.

3.      Click to confirm.