Bluchip Knowledge Base
Uninstalling and Reinstalling Bluechip

This guide explains how to uninstall and reinstall Bluechip, should you need to.

o      This process must be applied to every computer running Bluechip.

       If you also need to uninstall/reinstall SQL, this component of the process need only be performed on the server computer.


o      You will need a DVD (or installation file) of the version of Bluechip you intend to uninstall.

       You can determine which version of Bluechip you currently have installed by opening Bluechip, and selecting Help > About


o      Don't have a Bluechip DVD or installation file?

       Visit the MedicalDirector web site for Bluechip downloads.

       If you are using a version of Bluechip older than that available on the MedicalDirector web site, contact Customer Care for assistance.


o      If you scan documents into Bluechip, you will need to manually-backup the documents when you conduct a backup. This process is explained in the instructions below.

       You can determine which document storage system you use by selecting Help > About.


       You can determine the name of your Bluechip database via the bottom-left of the Bluechip window.





1.      Ensure you have made a Backup.

o      For Bluechip 2.12 or later, instructions are available here.

o      For versions of Bluechip prior to 2.12, instructions are available here.


2.      Backup any documents scanned into Bluechip. Browse to the following locations on your server computer, and copy the folders ‘Documents’ and ‘Imaging’ (if they are present) to an external drive.

o      C:\Manageezy\HCN\Documents

o      In XP - C:\ Program Files\Health Communication Network\Bluechip\Bluedata\Database Name\Imaging

o      In Win7/8/10 - C:\Users\Public\Health Communication Network\Bluechip\Bluedata\Database Name\Imaging


3.      Insert the DVD, or double-click the installer file (.exe). The Bluechip installation wizard commences.

o      If using the DVD, and the wizard doesn't start automatically, locate and run setup.exe on the DVD.

o      Select the Remove option, as shown below.



4.      Click  to commence uninstalling Bluechip.

o      You will be prompted to confirm this action.

o      The removal process will commence, and you will be prompted upon completion.


5.      With Bluechip uninstalled, check within Windows that all Bluechip ancillary components have been uninstalled .

o      Any Bluechip components, such as those seen in the image below, must be uninstalled manually.



6.      Locate and rename one of the following directories. A suggestion: add the suffix 'OLD' to the name of the directory.

o      If you run MedicalDirector Clinical in conjunction with Bluechip, locate and rename the Blue Chip directory.

       The default location of this directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\Health Communication Network\Blue Chip


o      If you run Bluechip only,  locate and rename the Health Communication Network directory.

       The default location of this directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\Health Communication Network

This concludes the steps required for uninstalling Bluechip.

o      If you also need to uninstall SQL, see the section titled 'Process for Removing an Instance' within the Knowledge Base Article Uninstalling and Reinstalling Clinical/Pracsoft on a Server Computer.

       It is important to note that if you uninstall SQL, the process also uninstalls the database used by MedicalDirector Clinical (if you have it installed).

       Within the instructions for removing SQL is a reference to "ESP instance". This is not relevant to a Bluechip-only installation, and can be ignored.


o      When you are ready to reinstall Bluechip, consult the Bluechip Installation Guide for instructions.

       If you backed up any documents folders (Step 2, above), you can restore the contents of those folders to your server computer after the installation completes.