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Bluechip Upgrade Guide

Upgrade Process Checklist for Bluechip

The following checklist contains a few items to take into consideration before performing the update to the current release of MedicalDirector Bluechip.

Open MedicalDirector Bluechip, and ensure you can view existing correspondence as well as checking you can perform an OPV check.

Before You Begin

o      Please ensure you have the minimum required version of Bluechip installed before upgrading. For example, if you wish to upgrade to v3.19, you must be running v2.11 or v3.18. If you are unsure, please contact MedicalDirector Customer Service for advice.

o      It is important to note that if your Bluechip registration expires before the date on which the update is released, you will not be able to update. You can check your registration expiration date from within BC Secure by selecting the Practice tab.

       If your registration date expires before the Bluechip release date, please contact MedicalDirector now to renew your registration. After you have renewed your registration, you will be able to upgrade Bluechip.

o      Please ensure that Bluechip is not running on any computer in the practice.

o      It is extremely important that the Bluechip database be backed up before you proceed with the upgrade. If you have not already performed a backup, then you should do so now.

o      It is extremely important that all anti-virus software be turned off before proceeding with this installation. Please ensure that you re-enable your anti-virus software on completing the Bluechip upgrade.

o      If you use Bluechip on more than one computer in the practice, please ensure that you upgrade the Server computer first. This applies, whether Bluechip is used on the server or not.

o      It is also possible to perform a ‘silent’ installation of Bluechip. A silent installation involves installing Bluechip onto multiple workstations simultaneously, and is typically initiated after-hours, unattended.

       These instructions are designed for experienced IT professionals. It is recommended that you consult your System Administrator for assistance and advice if you wish to conduct a silent installation.

o      If you do not know if you are using Terminal Services, you should ask your IT provider before proceeding with the upgrade. On a Terminal Services network, you need only upgrade the server computer.


You must install the Bluechip Upgrade to your Server computer first. With the server successfully upgraded, you can then proceed with upgrading the workstation computers (also known as Clients) that access this Server.



To Upgrade Bluechip

1.      On activating the installation you will receive the following prompt. Click   to proceed with the Bluechip installation.


2.      You will be presented with the following ‘Welcome’ screen.

o      Ensure that Automatic Updates / Windows Updates are disabled during the installation.

o      Ensure any Antivirus applications are disabled during the installation.


3.      Click  to continue. You will be presented with the Bluechip Licence Agreement. If you agree with the Licence Agreement, select the I Accept the Terms of the Licence Agreement option and then click   to continue.

4.      You will be presented with an opportunity to review important documentation related to Bluechip. It is strongly advised that you read and understand the documentation offered before continuing. Click   to continue.



5.      You will be prompted to select a destination folder for Bluechip.

o      The default location for Bluechip and all its features is C:\Program Files\Health Communication Network\Bluechip. You may change this installation directory, if you desire. Click   when you are ready to continue.



6.      Select the type of Bluechip installation you would like from the following options.


7.      (Optional) Click   to continue. If you have an existing database, you will be prompted to select your Bluechip database server. It should be selected for you automatically, as should its Login ID and Password. If you wish to select a different Server, do so now.


8.      Click   to continue. You will be prompted to select the path to your ManageEzy database location. The default will be selected for you.


9.      Click   to continue. You will be prompted to confirm that you have performed a backup of Bluechip. To confirm you have, select the Yes option. If you have not performed a backup, do so now by clicking  

10.   Click   to continue. You will now have the opportunity to review your upgrade settings. If these are incorrect, go back now and make any necessary changes.


11.   If you’re ready to commence the Bluechip upgrade, click  The installation will commence, and you can monitor its progress.