Bluchip Knowledge Base
Bluechip Installation Guide

Before you Begin

o      You must have Administrative Privileges to commence this installation. If you do not or are unsure, please consult your Systems Administrator for assistance.

o      Ensure that you meet the system specifications for running MedicalDirector SQL-based applications. See System Requirements.

o      It is extremely important that all anti-virus software be turned off before proceeding with this installation.

o      It is also possible to perform a ‘silent’ installation of MedicalDirector Bluechip. A silent installation involves installing Bluechip onto multiple workstations simultaneously, and is typically initiated after-hours, unattended. Please consult the guide Performing a Silent Installation.

o      The following instructions are designed for experienced IT professionals. It is recommended that you consult your System Administrator for assistance and advice if you wish to conduct a silent installation.


The Following prerequisites are required for installing MedicalDirector Bluechip. If the Installation Wizard detects that you do not have any of these requirements installed, it will install/upgrade them automatically, as necessary.

o      Adobe reader 9.1

o      Disabling ‘Opportunistic Locking’

o      Internet Explorer 7

o      Java 6 Update 13

o      MS office Word and Excel

o      Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

o      Microsoft SQL Backwards Compatibility

o      Microsoft Windows Installer 4

To Install Bluechip

1.      On activating the installation you will receive the following prompt. Click to proceed with the Bluechip installation.


2.      You will be presented with the following Installation Welcome screen.

o      Ensure that Automatic Updates / Windows Updates are disabled during the installation.

o      Ensure any Antivirus applications are disabled during the installation.


3.      Click   to continue. You will be presented with the Bluechip Licence Agreement.

o      If you agree with the Licence Agreement, select the I Accept the Terms of the Licence Agreement option.



4.      Click  to continue. You will be presented with an opportunity to review important documentation related to Bluechip 2.12.1. It is strongly advised that you read and understand the documentation offered before continuing.


5.      Click   to continue. You will now be prompted to select a destination folder for MedicalDirector Bluechip.

o      The default location for Bluechip and all its features is C:\Program Files\Health Communication Network\Bluechip. You may change this installation directory, if you desire.



6.      Click  to continue. Select the type of Bluechip installation you would like from the following options.


7.      (Optional) Click   to continue. If you have an existing HCN database, you will be prompted to select your Bluechip database server. It should be selected for you automatically, as should its Login ID and Password. If you wish to select a different Server, do so now.

You should only see this step if;

o      You have an existing installation of Bluechip, and you are now trying to install a new instance.

o      You have an existing installation of Clinical and/or Pracsoft.





8.      Options:

o      If you elected to install the WorkStation version, enter the following paths to BlueData and ManageEzy folders and then proceed directly to Step 10.

o      Alternatively, if you selected Stand Alone or Server, proceed now to Step 9.


For a new install, default values of \\SERVERNAME\BlueData and \\SERVERNAME\ManageEzy are selected.


9.      (Optional) If you selected Dedicated Server or Stand Alone, you will now be presented with the following window (if you selected Workstation, go back now to Step 8).

o      Select ManageEzy Destination Folder. It is recommended that you accept the default location. Click   to continue.



10.   You will be prompted that the installation wizard is ready to start installing Bluechip with the options you have selected. Click   when you are ready to proceed.


11.   The installation proceeds. You will be prompted when the installation is complete. Click   to exit the Bluechip Installation Wizard.