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The best patient care comes from the heart

At MedicalDirector, we believe technology can enable better patient care. Whether you’re a GP, specialist, nurse or other healthcare professional, our intuitive software solutions are designed to support you in delivering healthcare to your patients, safely and efficiently.

On-premise Practice Management Software tailored to meet your needs.

Simple, smart software tailored specifically for medical specialists.

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The most widely recognised general practice software in Australia.

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Manage your practice with ease on Australia's most popular practice management software.

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Servers slowing down? Bid farewell to on-premise solutions and embrace the future of healthcare delivery with Helix

"Going with a company like MedicalDirector who has been in the business of patient management software for a long time and has existing reliable solutions was important to me. With Helix being developed by them, and in the cloud, it gave me confidence."

- Dr Samy, Samy Medical Practice

Cloud-based clinical and practice management software

Helix combines practice management and clinical workflows into one seamless, modern interface. Manage all patient interactions securely on the go, or in your practice. Benefit from server-free* infrastructure, automatic upgrades and simple licensing.

  • online appointment scheduling and management
  • seamless telehealth integrations
  • automated medical billing
  • easy access to patient records
  • revenue cycle management

Helix does not require a server onsite, saving practices significantly in ongoing IT costs, each year.

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