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Feedback Hub: How Does It Work?

Feedback Hub is designed to keep the idea suggestion process simple.

Submit your ideas

Start by submitting your brilliant ideas. Once they’re submitted, they become open for voting and discussion. 


Select from either Clinical, Pracsoft, Bluechip or Helix 


Type in a keyword regarding a feature e.g. “Patient timeline” 


Select “Vote for an existing idea” or click on “Post a new idea” to create a new idea. 

Cast your votes

Browse the ideas submitted by others and vote for the ones you support. 


Select from either “Clinical, Pracsoft, Bluechip” or “Helix” 


Search keywords or browse through categories


Upon finding an idea you want to support click on the red VOTE button

Join the discussion

Engage with fellow users by leaving comments on ideas. Share your expertise, offer suggestions, or simply express your enthusiasm.


Select from either “Clinical, Pracsoft, Bluechip” or “Helix” 


Select an idea from the list


Scroll down to the comments section and write your thoughts


Click on Post Comments to share your input with the community

We take action!

Your feedback matters. We regularly review the feedback and ideas submitted on our platform. It’s not just a suggestion box; it’s a collaborative effort to empower practices and doctors shape our products to work for you. 

We also use this platform to reach out to you when we’re conducting discovery research on a specific feature. By looking at the ideas you’ve voted on, we can collaborate with you to fine-tune our product and make it even better! You’ll also receive email updates on the progress of ideas you have submitted or voted on. 

 Your active participation here helps us align our product with your expectations, ensuring that we continue to meet your needs and deliver features that matter.  

Thank you for being an essential part of our Feedback Platform community. Your feedback is the driving force behind our continuous improvement. 

Ready to get started? Join the platform now!

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