A new practice up and running quickly, and treating patients

Spot Check Clinic.


With one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, it’s vital Australians have access to skin checks.

Dr Chris Miller is a single doctor practice, delivering healthcare services in this high demand area of care.

With Helix, a cloud-based clinic software solution from MedicalDirector, he is able to deliver skin cancer screening and management without being tethered to a single location, meaning he can provide more flexibility for his patients.


Dr Miller wanted to hit the ground running when setting up his new clinic, but was unsure of where he would eventually be based.

Helix was the ideal choice for him, as a cloud-based solution meant he was able to run his practice from anywhere, and could even operate out of rooms he rented in other practices without having to rely on those practices to provide a database or any specialist software. All he needed was a web browser to access the full functionality of the software and be able to treat patients.

“Helix functions in the cloud and not on a locally-hosted server, which means you don’t need to deliver care from one place, or require a particularly powerful device.”

Using Helix also meant he didn’t need to invest in costly IT hardware or management, which has been particularly important to him while in the process of establishing his practice.

The Challenge

In the initial stages of setting up a clinic, finding a solution that met Dr Miller’s specific needs was a challenge:

  • It can be laboursome and costly to set up a new practice, source the appropriate hardware and find a software solution
  • Most practices rely on locally hosted and managed IT infrastructure, which limits the flexibility the provider can offer
  • Without knowing where he would end up, it was important for Dr Miller that he maintained his own patient database, something not easily achieved with on-premise solutions

“Using Helix has meant that I don’t have to worry about backing-up my data or hiring a dedicated IT-support provider to run the server.”

“I know this is all being taken care of by the best there is in the field. This is reassuring and convenient for me and extremely cost effective, which is particularly important while I’m in the process of setting up my practice.”

The Solution

Helix by MedicalDirector, a web-based cloud solution for practice management, was the ideal choice for Dr Miller as it provided the flexibility and functionality that he required while setting up his practice.


With Helix, Dr Miller was able to get his practice up and running quickly, and important, start treating patients straight away.


Helix is backed by more than 20 years of industry and technical experience by the best in the business, eliminating the need for costly IT services.


Helix’s cloud-based functionality enables access to the database from any location, without the need for a locally-hosted server or particular IT infrastructure.


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