A Helix Customer Story

Dr James McDonald

Meeting the complex needs of Australia’s ageing population needs reliable workflow systems that can support more agile and efficient patient care. Helix, a cloud-based clinical and practice management solution, by MedicalDirector, allows Dr James McDonald greater flexibility to manage his workflow on the go - wherever he is treating patients.


Dr James McDonald runs a practice dedicated to improving healthcare services across both aged care facilities and hospitals. While Dr McDonald is out treating patients, his wife works as his Practice Manager, helping to manage the accounts and process billing.

"As a sole practitioner, I need a solution that is simple to use, collaborative and doesn’t require a lot of hardware maintenance or IT support," he said.

The Challenge

As a busy practitioner working across multiple locations, Dr McDonald needed to find a clinical and practice management solution that wasn’t server-based and where he wasn’t bound to a desk.

"I’m constantly on the move, so for me, it was about looking for an integrated process that gave me the flexibility and mobility to seamlessly work across both aged care facilities and hospitals," Dr McDonald explained.

The Solution

Dr McDonald turned to cloud-based clinical and practice management software Helix by MedicalDirector in August 2018, and has since enjoyed greater mobility, significant time-saving benefits when it comes to Medicare billing.

"What’s particularly helpful is that because Helix is available in the cloud, I can access and use the Medicare direct billing system from remote locations," he said. "At the same time, my wife manages the practice’s accounts, so it is easy for her to see all the billing and reports come through as soon as I have completed the patient consult."

The Results

Helix’s practical suite of tools, including an innovative patient timeline, also helps Dr McDonald to quickly see a patient’s record at a glance.

"I think the timeline is a huge feature, because I can easily run down the timeline of a patient’s results. It works really well when you’re pressed for time and need a quick snapshot of a patient’s record," he added.

Additional features like scanning and printing on the go have also helped Dr McDonald save time and generate efficiencies, opening up more time to focus on patient care, and less time on paperwork.

"I can easily access patient records, test results, scan and print on the go," he said. "And I really like how the printing function automatically helps find a printer for you, wherever you are. Features like this make working out of the office so easy."

And with automatic upgrades, Dr McDonald has the peace of mind his software remains secure and updated, without the hassle of physically upgrading hard-drives or hardware.

"When I was upgrading on a server- based clinical and practice management system, I was constantly looking at maintaining upgrades on my hard drive and hardware. The cloud has a huge benefit of automatic updates, so I don’t have to worry about the operational side of things.”

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Three benefits of Helix

Access anywhere, anytime

As an integrated cloud solution, Helix allows you to manage all aspects of patient interactions on the go, in your practice, or wherever you are treating patients.

A timeline to visualise past patient history

Quickly view patients’ health history in a timeline including past test results, previous visits, consult notes, My Health Record, referrals, imaging results and pathology results. Access and review quickly with simple navigation.

Billing made easy

Helix supports Medicare (bulk bill/patient claims), DVA and general accounts management such as WorkCover, all through a simple, easy to use interface.

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